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Bushido by marcelokronberg Bushido by marcelokronberg
Whoa, i got some very good comments on this one.
First of all, lets see the tech specs that i forgot to add.

Modelled and rendered in 3D Studio Max 5.1
Modelling and lightning took me about 15 hours. Texturing about 5 hours.

I think i'll possibly post a Bushido V.2 using the great advice i got here. Thanks a bunch people.
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Aileanjeune Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This is quite fantastic. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
alomhordozo57 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
Wonderful work!
cofresi1 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010
Mayu-kun Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2006
sweet bushido pic
ebokat Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2005
powerfully elegant.:clap:
the-sashimi-frog Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Excellent rendering. It looks more like a photograph than a digital rendering. I can tell you worked hard on this one.
ice-dite Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2004
what a superb render, when I read 3D, I thought neh, that's a picture, but in full view, it looks fascinating ... very well done!
spoonally-intruded Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004   Photographer
wow that looks pretty darn real! :D
stiffy- Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2004
OMG! I thought it was a photo! AMAZING. fuck, i'm impressed :D keep it up!
arcane-knight Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2004
Fantastic. :D For a while I thought it was a photograph... :lol:
alphakx Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
incredibly smooth render, and definitely loving the fine textures on this. cool theme :thumbsup:
grey1985 Featured By Owner May 20, 2004
That blade looks real enough for me to cut myself on. Very nice work. :nod:
bratchny Featured By Owner May 9, 2004
dude that's like r0x0ring my ass totally. :|

Nah, really. The design's tight, I love the colours, they work so well together. the brown of the floor, the white of the paper, the red of the kanji writing...just melds together really well, man.
and that's one sexy sword. KATANANANANANA!!!
zeibeku Featured By Owner May 4, 2004
this is an amazing 3d render... fuck.

the only thing i can critisize on really is that i feel that the vase looks too flat
also as mentioned before, the sheath is not precise

apart from that, its a master piece! good stuff man!
fucking incredible!
phoenirius Featured By Owner May 4, 2004
shit i thought it was a photo :D

its awesome ^^ i want a katana!
LittleBastad Featured By Owner May 3, 2004
Great, now I'm going to have to spend some time at my old computer school, as your work is making me desperately want to use 3D Studio MAX again. Such a great program, heh.. Good thing they have a student lab and don't mind my random freeloading. =)

Anyways, another excellent render. Very clean and stylish. The mat especially looks great. Something about the wood floor strikes me as a bit odd.. it might look better with a slight raytracing over it, to give it more of an oiled look.. there'd have to be a definite light source, or a wall hidden from the scene, or the raytracing wouldn't show. Perhaps it's something to do with a difference in resolution between the texture of the mat and the wood texture. It looks a little bit less crisp than the mat, and given the same focal distance shared by the two, it's slightly distracting. Perhaps blurring the floor and mat just slightly with depth-of-field render effects would counter that..
I dunno. Overall, it's very good. Just slightly too sharp, in a few places. To save time, blurring it very gently in Photoshop might work as well.. Not a serious complaint, as these are very, very subtle issues, so they don't stop me from calling it an excellent piece of work. Very professional looking.
pdtnc Featured By Owner May 3, 2004
tamino Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
this is very interesting.. i loved the concept.. :)
kinka Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Brilliant stuff. It looks so real!. I've just started 3ds Max (4.2), and hopefully I will be this good one day. Although all I can do now is snowmen. Martial Arts rule.
manson-brown Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004   Interface Designer
I couldn't tell this was a render til I full-screened it -- good job! :) I especially like the tsuka; very nice that you used black and dark grey, but can still easily make out the same and the tsuka-ito.
crystallina Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2004
I saw this before and thought it was a photo...Great render.
E605 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004   Photographer
it would be cool if the piece of cloth would have fringes - by doing this you would avoid this rectangular look of it
in terms of composition i would leave a bigger distance between the grip of the katana and the upper border

but all in all i like the layout and conception
docx Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Damn.............Incredable image man!! Very very cool!
drosofila Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004
Nham. Eu sei que você gosta de críticas construtivas, mas, poxa, Vader... Isso tá bom pra caramba! Acho que eu sou burra demais pra ver defeito!
marcelokronberg Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004
:lol: valeu pirinha
wolfsbane83 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
Looks like most of the people here have already mentioned what could help improve this image. If you're able to why not add in a bit of depth of field blur and adjust the camera zoom to add some perspective effect? That's just what I would do. May help make it look more realistic.

Carry on the good work, marcelokronberg-san. Live the life of Bushido :nod:
renatamondego Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2004
Amor eu AMEI essa imagem!! juro ficou linda linda e está de fundo de tela!! até a Bruna colocou!!

beijos da sua rezinha do kung fuuuuuuuuu !!!! IAAAAA

:jarksaber: :date: :headbang: :skullbones:
marko Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2004
Wow..... Excellent sword!!!! Much better then mine, hehe

The steel of the blade needs some, maybe just a little, reflection. As steel has that quality.
The red writing looks like it's laying on top, needs to be more embedded, maybe if you'd let the bump through a bit it would change for the better.
And indeed the sheath is to round.. a katana has an oval shaped sheath.. (at least my real one does) just like the handle.

Excellent work dude!!!!
kivienkathairon Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
I really like this one. If I may critique it, is that a shadow or a reflection from the sword? If it is a shadow, you might want to think about difusing the edges a little bit, and if it is a reflection, you might want to sharpen it up with a little more detail so that you can tell that it really is a reflection. Oh, and the edges on that vase are a wee bit too crisp.

All in all, this is an awesome rendering.
p-51 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
I rather like this one.. great render. The only "critique" I can give is that the sword sheath looks a bit like an iron pipe and the design from the outside of the pot is on the inside of the lip. Other then that.. very well done. =)
jediwildstar Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
O desenho ta show... mas eu só espero que vc não fique assim tão fresco com isso, como o obi-wan eh com karate... HAUAHUHA...
marcelokronberg Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
relaxa, mais fresco que o obi num da.
at00mik Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004
excellent skill you have there, man! great, great work!
Stray-Cat-Strut Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004
Weeeeeee, Sake!!!!

Eu gostava mais do outro avatar
Reefstiz Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004
I didn't even notice it was manip. till I looked closer... good job!
marcelokronberg Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
thanks man... that's actually not a manip, it's a 3d render ;)
Reefstiz Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2004
ack... I consider them the same thing even though they are greatly different strange me
cynix Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004   Interface Designer
Wow, that is beautiful! Even the saying is wonderful. It looked like a picture at first and still kind of does in full view. So I don't know what it is....*fav*
georgeamaral Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
da hora
como ce fez com a textura do vaso?
marcelokronberg Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
eu achei um desenho de um dragao e vetorizei no illustrator, ai exportei gigantao e fiz um bump negativo pra ficar em baixo relevo... os outros detalhes tambem sao parte do mesmo dragao.
bakasama Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2004
I don't speak portugese.. but did you say you did the vase texture in Illustrator? Its really nice. Although, I would have put a different texture on the inside of the vase ;)
skurvy Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004
perfect. fav (couldnt say more, shouldnt say more)
demoshane Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004
Amazing render. To make size smaller go to paint shop ctrl-a and ctrl-c and ctrl-v and save, should drop it (USE JPG!) =D
capt-toenail Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004  Professional Filmographer
superb render. the file size could have been smaller
furryphotos Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004  Professional Photographer
Ncie render there and i like the quote you included. I guess you watched the last samurai too huh?
marcelokronberg Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
indeed! :lol:

thanks man...
versiani Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
Muito violento cara... pra falar a verdade, na primeira olhada pro thumbnail eu pensei que era uma foto! Soh depois vendo em tela cheia que eu vi que era render... mas bom dai tb eu percebi alguns detalhes que eu acho que podem ser aprimorados, o cabo da espada.. podia ser dakela madeia meio clarinha dai sim.. com esse "trançado" preto.. as inscriçoes na espada vc podia dar uma chegadinha no photoshop e deixa-las mais escurinhas um pouco.. soh um pouco.. pra parecer mais fundo, como um entalhe feito à mao.. esses sao os principais, dai tem masi duas coisas... dar uma achatada na bainha da espada que tah muito redonda e quem sabe, se for possivel colocar um dakeles barbantezinhos amarrados na bainha.. detalhes...

Mas bom... de qualquer forma, está super cara.. e eu nao chegaria nem a um decimo dessa qualidade se eu fosse tentar fazer :)

*the way of the samurai*
marcelokronberg Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
hmmm ótimas sugestoes hein?
acho q vou edita-la mais tarde e talvez enviar a versao 2

valeu cara!!!
AxD Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
That's awesome, man... my only crit is that the sheath for the sword is too... tubular. But still, it's fucking awesome. :clap:
marcelokronberg Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
you're right, man.. i didn't notice.... I think i'll makie a second version to correct this, and some other details... thanks a bunch! :thumbsup:
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